Carlsbad Village Transit Station

Carlsbad, CA

As the winning design of the Carlsbad Village Transit Station competition held by North County Transit District, West Village is a transit-oriented, urban development with diverse housing, commerce, hospitality, office, and public open space.

A gateway to Carlsbad Village, Carlsbad Transit Station is the centerpiece to West Village, featuring a uniquely designed pavilion that serves as a gathering place for the community with a bustling plaza for riders, shoppers and diners to activate the area and supporting the local business community. The station is straddled by a boutique hotel and connects to a three-story, terraced mixed-commercial building to the north that will further activate the plaza.

The residential portion is broken into five distinct buildings with a range of unit mix and sizes. The village will create a true and diverse community able to meet the needs of many demographics: from college graduates, to working class families, to downsizing ‘empty nesters’, and inclusionary Affordable Housing Units mixed throughout.

The Carlsbad Village Transit Station winning team is comprised of Sea Breeze Properties, LLC., FABRIC Investments, Inc., Safdie Rabines Architects, CW Driver Construction, Trestle Build, and MG Properties.

Client: West Village Partners
Completion: Competition Winner, In-Progress
Size: 11.3 acre site