Community Mikvah Waters of Eden

San Diego, CA

Designed for the San Diego Community Mikvah and Education Center, the Waters of Eden is located at the base of Cowles Mountain adjacent to Tifereth Israel Synagogue, and revitalizes the Jewish mikvah tradition that goes back to the Torah. The mikvah, which means “gathering of waters,” includes two kosher immersion pools (mikva’ot), meditation gardens, a labyrinth, and community meeting rooms. Immersion in the waters of the mikvah is done for spiritual purification, reflection, renewal, and healing, often around important occasions in an individual’s life. The design of the 4,800 s.f. mikvah is a flowing, peaceful journey, in which visitors transition to a quiet, meditative state as they make their way towards the pools.

Client: San Diego Community Mikvah and Education Center
Size: 4,800 SF