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  1. The electronic files contained herein include Drawings, Specifications and other documents in electronic form (collectively “Data”) prepared by Safdie Rabines Architects (“SRA”). The Data is the electronic format of Drawings, Specifications and other documents that are instruments of service for use solely with respect to the project for which they were prepared (the “Project”) and shall remain SRA’s or Project owner’s property even if the Project is not completed.
  2. Your use of the Data is strictly limited to that necessary for the services or work you are providing on the Project, and any other terms that have been imposed on you as a condition of your being allowed access to this web site by SRA. You have permission to transfer the Data to your contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants on the Project (“Others”) for their use in preparation of shop drawings, submittals and in providing other services on the Project. You agree to obligate the Others in writing to be bound to the terms of this Access Agreement. Any drawings, specifications or other documents created by you or Others, based on the Data, shall not include SRA’s name, logo, address and/or other information identifying SRA.
  3. The transfer of Data to you is not and shall not be deemed a sale. SRA makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied regarding the Data’s merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or with respect to its quality, adequacy, completeness or sufficiency as to any results to be or intended to be achieved as to its use. You and Others will verify all dimensions indicated on the Data. SRA does not represent that all information contained in the Data is complete. The Data could be changed subsequent to your accessing or downloading Data. Items shown in the Data may not be to scale.
  4. You acknowledge anomalies and errors can be introduced into the Data when it is downloaded, transferred or used in an incompatible computer environment. By accessing, downloading and/or using the Data, you acknowledge and accept the risks associated with damage to hardware, software or computer systems or networks related to any use of the Data. The Data is being furnished “as is.” You hereby release SRA from any damages or losses of any kind, including, but not limited to, damages or losses to property or persons, including injuries or death, or economic losses, or any consequential, special, indirect or incidental damages, arising out of the download, transfer or use of the Data.
  5. SRA reserves the right to retain an archive copy of the Data, which shall be transferred to and shall be conclusive proof and govern in all disputes over the form or content of the Data furnished to you.

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