San Diego, CA
(In Progress)

Located on lot in Downtown San Diego, CA’s East Village neighborhood, Creativo is a 5-story mixed-use building comprised of 7 studio apartments, two 2-bedroom townhomes and four 1-bedroom townhomes along with a café, general office, and a partially subterranean parking garage. The ground floor collaborative workspace and glass-cornered café merge with a large terrace that runs the length of the project, blending and providing a sense of inclusion from all spaces. The café is slightly raised, offering a bird’s eye view of street activity. Each residence contains a large usable terrace with roof decks, very much expressed on the façade, giving it a light and lively presence. Providing new housing with added commercial spaces in which to work and socialize, Creativo infuses new life into the rapidly redeveloping neighborhood.

Completion: in progress
Size: 5,000 SF