Lusail Iconic Structure

Doha, Qatar

Developed for an international competition with a goal to “build a structure of the highest design that reflects the attributes of Qatar and its home city,” the design for the structure envisions a jewel adorning the “necklace” of Safdie Rabines designed bridges draped along the ring of the marina. The structure resembles a pendant suspended in the sky, dancing with the sun, moon and stars. It is at once a sculpture and a functional building, creating a distinctive place of gathering and celebration that invites, collects, and embraces the people of Qatar. The unique vigor in this peninsula’s exposure to the elements: sun, wind, water and sand, bestow both vitality and hardship, and have shaped the course of human history – this region’s culture in particular. The elements are a source of inspiration for a structure that celebrates nature and observes the rich traditions of the local culture. The structure is abstract, yet reminiscent of familiar forms; a sail in the wind or a wave in the ocean, delicate yet powerful, grounded yet ethereal. Ultimately the subtlety of its form simply calls to mind nature, allowing the structure to be dramatic yet with a sense of belonging. Its sweeping form gestures towards the sky, yet the structure remains firmly grounded, connected to nature, and belonging to the people.