Rose Creek Bikeway Bridge

San Diego, CA

The Rose Creek Bridge completes a vital missing link in the City of San Diego’s re­gional bicycle network, connecting the exist­ing bicycle route along Pacific Beach Drive to the bikeway at North Mission Bay Drive. Together, the bridge and bikeway encour­age alternate means of transportation for residents and visitors travelling to and from Mission Bay, and create a safe and convenient route over Rose Creek that did not exist previously. The bridge is designed to aestheti­cally enhance the surrounding landscape, while its state of the art construction — a single-span post-tensioned concrete arch — elegantly frames the channel while providing a scenic crossing for bikers and pedestrians.

In collaboration with T.Y. Lin International

Client: City of San Diego, CA
Completion: 2012
Size: 260' long
  • Walk San Diego
  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Public Works Association