Sixth Street Viaduct

Los Angeles, CA

The Sixth Street Viaduct is designed as more than a means of transit; it enables adjacent communities to revitalize by expanding their limits and uniting. Crossing the Los Angeles River, the bridge would engage the community and serve as a catalyst for urban renewal. The bridge above and the river below are seamlessly integrated into one another, allowing the pedestrian experience to connect to them both. Parks, plazas and ecological habitats create safe urban sanctuaries for sports, arts and events. The large Mateo Plaza is flexibly designed to accommodate artists, farmer’s markets, performances and community events, while cafes and amenities activate its fringe as the area is redeveloped. A play mist water feature can utilized as desired offering a place for children to play, and multi-functional steps leading visitors up onto the bridge also serve as informal seating for events. This project demonstrates how small bold changes, such as the redevelopment of a park or the introduction of a plaza, can affect far-reaching transformations.