UCLA Court of Sciences Student Center

Los Angeles, CA

The Court of Sciences Student Center is a dining facility located in the center of UCLA’s Science Quad, providing the campus with much-needed spaces for study and socialization. Rather than create a facility that would obstruct views from the surrounding buildings and interrupt established circulation patterns through the quad, interior and exterior spaces were conceived of as one, blurring the line between building and garden and preserving the pedestrian corridor and precious area of campus green space. By taking advantage of the site’s grade change these paths were allowed to travel over and through the building. Dining areas open on-grade to exterior patios, while the vegetation covering the structure in roof gardens and terraces allows the building to virtually disappear from above.

Client: University of California, Los Angeles
Completion: 2012
Size: 13,500 SF
Certifications: LEED Gold
  • Los Angeles Business Council
  • AIA San Diego
  • AIA San Diego
  • California Architectural Foundation