Epstein Family Amphitheater

University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA

The Epstein Family Amphitheater is a multi-function performance venue for students and professionals. Serving as a gateway to the campus, 2,650-seat amphitheater will support various public performance types, including classical quartets, theatrical dance, impromptu theater, and large-scale rock/pop concerts.

The amphitheater’s position and orientation make use of the natural land contours to maximize views towards the stage. A custom-designed acoustic system integrates with the stage canopy to provide amplified sound throughout the outdoor venue. Audio-visual towers are discreetly located throughout the space to support even the most complex stage rigging, audio-visual systems, and broadcasting needs. The park doubles as seating for the amphitheater and outdoor lectures, or as a gathering space for events and exhibits.

Client: UC San Diego
Completion: Fall 2022
Size: 10,000 SF