Safdie Rabines Archtiects to Renovate Historical Pavilion at UCLA

We are very happy to announce our most recent project award, UCLA’s iconic Sunset Canyon Recreation Facility Renovation!


The Sunset Canyon Recreation Center has served the UCLA Community well for over 50 years. It has maintained its value as a multi-generational Community Center for students, faculty, staff, and the community with its memorable and iconic character deeply grounded in its institution, users, and the Southern California climate.

Restoration and repair are crucial in order to extend the life of the Center for the next 50 years and beyond.

The project has a total area of approximately 12.5 acres that includes both active and passive recreation. Buildings within the facility include approximately 12,000 sf of indoor multi-use space and offices, and the facility is supported by a 3-story parking structure.

This project will encompass programming, master planning, and design to provide a combination of new, expanded, and renovated facilities including classrooms, multi-use rooms, athletic use facilities, bathrooms, and dining facilities.

The original complex, designed by Smith & Williams, was constructed in 1965 and will be treated as a historical resource.