Artists’ Studio Bridge

San Diego, CA

This project is a studio for two artists wishing to create a new work space while minimizing the impact of any new construction on the natural landscape of their property. Conceived as a “bridge” spanning a small arroyo adjacent to the main house, it provides a connection to a beautiful portion of the site which, prior to the addition, had not been accessible. The bridge is supported on two concrete piers on either side of the canyon and is spanned with two trusses made of top and bottom glulam chords with steel cross members. The studio’s lightness is experienced both inside and out. Naturally lit with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, the design creates a bright work space that opens towards the canyon on two sides. Floating fifteen feet above the dry creek bed, the studio provides a unique opportunity to experience the canyon.

Completion: 2005
Size: 1,200 SF
  • AIA San Diego
  • Residential Architect