West Mission Bay Bridge

West Mission Bay, San Diego

The West Mission Bay Bridge Replacement facilitates alternative modes of transportation and coastal access while improving safety and congestion.

The architectural elements of the bridge drew inspiration from the Great Egret, known for its stark white color perched on dark legs. This is manifested by the main spans of the bridge floating above the waterway through the use of white stained concrete and dark columns that meet the water.

Designed to be viewed from above and below, all user experiences were taken into consideration. Pedestrians and bikers traveling under the bridge witness a visual display of sculptural form as they journey below. Above, bespoke benches align with scenic overlook alcoves protruding over the bay. Ample space is provided for bike and pedestrian lanes, with two-directional allotments on either side of the bridge.

In collaboration with TYLin

Client: City of San Diego
Completion: April 2023
Size: 1,400 ft
  • 2023 APWA Awards, Structures, Project of the Year